Stocks Crypto Forex Trading: Which One Is Better?

Trading has become one of the best alternatives to make money online. Today there are a variety of options and platforms, on which traders can make good money. However, among so many alternatives such as stocks crypto forex trading, which one to choose?

These being the most popular options, the wisest thing to do is to understand the differences between them, to decide which one is the best. Also, it is essential to seek information and educate yourself so that no matter which option you choose, you can make a profit. Here there’s a comparison of the three, and you can also find out where to educate yourself as the best trader.

Which is Better, Crypto, Stocks, or Forex?


The stock market has been the most traditional option for investing. It consists of buying and selling the shares of large companies listed on the stock exchanges. The prices of these stocks will vary according to how well or how poorly these companies are doing. Although the technology is much more developed, in many cases it is not so easy to buy and sell. So investors turn to brokers, who charge commissions, thus impacting profits.

Another particularity of trading stocks is that they are usually long-term investments. If, for example, you analyze the behavior of Amazon, you will see that the price increased more than 1,200 in the last 23 years. The point is that the trader had to wait a significant period to see the money grow with this option.


The cryptocurrency market has existed since 2010. They are digital currencies, created by individuals, groups, and in some cases government banks. Since they are not physical currencies, one of the drawbacks is that sometimes it is not so easy to exchange them for products or services. Operations are carried out in decentralized and encrypted systems, which, among other things, guarantees anonymity.

One of the main disadvantages of buying cryptocurrencies is that commissions are usually higher than other options. For example, Bitcoin has a typical spread/commission structure of around 0.40%. In contrast, other alternatives such as Forex can be traded at a cost of around 0.08%. Also consider that cryptocurrencies have a lower capitalization than domestic currencies, for example.


The forex trader operates with currencies, i.e. with a global market of national currencies. It has a higher trading volume and liquidity. Traders exchange around 150 national currencies, backed by their governments. The most-traded currencies are the US Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, and the British Pound (UK).

If the trader has the right indicators and tips, this option can be significantly more lucrative than the previous ones. There are different alternatives in Forex such as scalpers, which trade in minutes (sometimes seconds). A good one-minute scalping strategy, for example, can be highly lucrative for the trader. Also consider that these are much more stable markets than digital currencies, making them safer investments.

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